Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentines Day

Love is in the air!

Only 3 days until Valentine's Day. What a perfect weekend to start my blog.

I have been baking goodies all week trying out different cake recipes for my daughters birthday cake I am baking next week. I have been practicing with fondant, molding chocolate, gum paste & butter cream. Here are a few things that I made this week.

This is my first cake I have ever used fondant on. Not so bad for my first one. Lots of lessons learned.

These little beauties were made from the top I trimmed off my chocolate cake above to level them out, mixed with my butter cream icing then dipped in white & milk chocolate.
I just love cupcakes everything about them.

I have been trying to make a sponge cake but I cannot seem to get it to rise. It tastes great just not fluffy but they worked out perfect for this dessert I made.

I also made chocolate covered strawberries for my little desserts and extras to eat they are so good.
I think I will be making more of these for Valentine's Day.

I melted a little bit of white chocolate added red color to make light pink and drizzled
the pink chocolate over the strawberries.

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